Stress Management

a) Causes of Stress

 Stress is different for everyone. What stresses you out may not even bother your best friend and vice versa.

Still, your bodies react the same to stressors. That’s because the stress response is your body’s way of dealing with tough or demanding situations. It causes hormonal, respiratory, cardiovascular, and nervous system changes. For example, stress can make your heart beat faster, make you breathe rapidly, sweat, and tense up. It can also give you a burst of energy.

This is known as the body’s “fight-or-flight response.” It’s this chemical reaction that prepares your body for a physical reaction because it thinks it’s under attack. This type of stress helped our human ancestors survive in nature.

b) Organizational and Extra Organizational Stressors

Extra organizational Stressors: These include societal/technological changes, globalization; relocation; the family;economic and financial conditions; race, class, and residential or community condition. Societal/technological change The phenomenal rate of change has had a great effect on people’s lifestyles and has increased stress.A Person’s family– a family situation, either a squabble or illness can cause stress to the employee. Also the challenges of balancing the responsibilities of their jobs and the needs of their families are putting up pressure on employees.Relocation, transfer, or promotion can also lead to stress. Expatriate managers (those with responsibilities outside their home country) may undergo cultural shock which is a stressor. Sociological variables such as race, sex and class, which cause differences in values,beliefs, also cause stress.Financial situation of the employee and the economic conditions in the country can also cause stress.89 Distress Eustress Results in distress. Results in Eurostress Behavioral Psychological Medical Exhilaration Excitement Surprise


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