Organizational Culture

Nature of the Business

Each industry has differing focuses that help to shape their organizational culture. An accounting firm will have different standards and expectations than an art gallery. While certain ethical concerns may be universal, the nuances within each industry will look different. These differences will help to shape the culture within organizations.

Resources & Technology

Providing employees with the necessary resources to complete their job is a non negotiable for a successful company. When organizations are unable or refuse to provide their employees with necessary resources, they are met with disgruntled and frustrated employees. A lack of resources has a negative impact on company culture and can create an unsatisfactory work environment. By providing resources, organizations can better support their employees to complete their jobs more efficiently.

Technology can be considered both an external and internal factor. Internally, technology can play many roles. Since technology is a large part of day-to-day interactions, it is important for organizations to create policies and procedures to clearly outline electronic communication expectations. In addition, technology is a modern resource that is necessary to complete a number of job functions. Providing employees with updated devices, software, technology support, etc. will improve employee morale and create a happier and more efficient culture.


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