Characteristics of Transformational leadership

  1. Self management

Leaders need to be very clear about the objective so that they can make others understand. They need to be self-motivated and focused on the goal of the organization.

The leader needs to evaluate their ego because this may lead to loss to the organization. The leader should have positive body language and confidence.

The leader should have the ability to complete the assigned task successfully.

2.    Interpersonal skills

It is the responsibility of the leader to build strong co-ordination and communication among employees.

The leader should have the skill of listening to others.

Leaders should frequently ask relevant questions to the employees and should provide the necessary solution.

The leader should also make employees follow work ethic.

The leader should always ask for feedback to make things simple in the future.

3.    Motivational and Inspiration

Leaders should always motivate their employees to have their focus on the goal.

They should give their time and meet personally because it will give more energy rather simply communicating through social media.

Leaders should also try to conduct counselingprogrammes, it will create a great impact on building focused working environment.

Leaders should always lead by true inspirational stories and examples.

4.    Good judgement

This one is the most important characteristics of transformational leadership. They should be able to predict risk factor involved in sensitive decisions.

Transformational leaders need to be proactive.

They should able to predict obstacles in advance so that any changes required in the original planning can be done accordingly.

The leader needs to evaluate each and every step performed by their group member.

  1. Organizational consciousness

Organizational conscious means that leaders should be aware of each and every aspect regarding an organization. For example, regarding financial stability, human relationship, social responsibility, best practices, etc.

Leaders should not only focus on technology upgradation or profit of the organization but also focus on the growth of employees.

The leader should maintain the values, beliefs and behavior of the organization to provide a safe working environment to their employees.

  1. Diversity, Creativity and Adaptability

Transformational leaders should have a wide range of characteristics to deal with any kind of difficulties. This diversity is apart from religious, political, gender and socioeconomic aspects.

Creating innovative ideas is a part of employee job. Every employee should be given time for creativity and innovation.

Creative environment makes employees more energetic towards their work. This will help in dealing with an anomalous situation.

The leader should have capabilities to modify themselves and their group member for the new changes.


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